A Leading Installer of Residential Solar Power Systems in Northern California
A Leading Installer of Residential Solar Power Systems in Northern California
A Leading Installer of Residential Solar Power Systems in Northern California
A Leading Installer of Residential Solar Power Systems in Northern California

Our team of expert designers, engineers, energy consultants, installers, and friendly customer-care personnel are committed to providing the best possible project experience. We are a registered General Contractor; holding B and C licenses, and providing Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) for a range of solar PV and renewable energy projects. We’re a lean company – with robust capabilities – and have the ability to implement solutions under a broad range of site specifications.


Control Your 
Cost of Electricity

  • Reduce your monthly electric bill
  • Take advantage of grants & tax credits
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Invest in clean renewable energy
  • Back up power in the event of power outages


About Us

The Solar Sense team provides quality turn key residential installation. We made a transition from utility scale solar development, and with that we brought a high level of integrity and expertise to the residential industry. Our emphasis is on customer satisfaction, performance, and problem resolution. This was born out of a mixture of industry expertise and 40 years of experience.
  • We use the top manufacturers in the industry 

  • We have decades of experience in the solar industry

  • We offer a wide variety of products to meet price points
  • Highly accountable team “we do what we say we will do”
  • Top install team in the Bay Area

Sunlight has the greatest potential of any power source to solve the world’s energy problems. In one hour, enough sunlight strikes the Earth to provide the entire planet’s energy needs for one year.

Safety policy

Solar Sense is committed to a safe workplace for our employees, our customers, and our sales partners. We include regular weekly safety meetings accompanied by thorough record keeping . Solar Sense uses all appropriate safety equipment and gear to ensure that our employees, our customers, and surrounding property as well as the general public are protected.


We make every effort to do our part to reduce and improve our impact on the planet. We continually strive to reduce, reuse, or recycle our materials and job site waste in every way possible, including using recycling facilities local to each job site. We are committed to environmental sustainability.


Providing turnkey solutions tailored to your solar 
electric needs.

We stand by our work to ensure that each customer receives the best solar system to fit their energy requirements, aesthetic preferences and budget.

Analysis and Consultation

Our knowledgeable Energy Consultants conduct a detailed energy usage profile and a free site evaluation of your home in order to determine the optimal system for your particular needs. Our solar experts will listen to your specific objectives and help you understand your choices and the technologies available. Our commitment is to help you get a system that meets your goals while delivering performance and reliability.

Proposal and Contract

We prepare comprehensive proposals that are custom tailored to your needs. Proposals include equipment specifications, and a preliminary design. We also process necessary paperwork to fulfill all interconnection requirements.

Design and Permitting

Our team will design a system that complies with the National Electric Code, and abides by local jurisdiction regulations while optimizing performance and aesthetics.


We take great pride in every system we build. It is our goal to make your project experience as efficient and stress free as possible. We make sure that installation dates are well coordinated with the client and project timelines are clearly communicated. We schedule all building, electrical, and utility company inspections and your Project Manager will attend each meeting with these inspectors. Our professional crews arrive each day on time, conduct their work in a respectful and courteous manner, and leave work sites clean every evening. Residential systems are generally completed within 2-3 days depending on size and complexity.


At its core, solar energy exists at the intersection of nature and technology. It allows us to take advantage of the greatest power source available to us: the sun. With no moving parts, noise, or pollution, solar systems provide us with a local, safe, and clean energy alternative. In doing so, solar systems also provide our families, businesses, and communities with energy security, energy independence, financial savings, and economic stimulus.


State License #940612